Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Need more votes please


I am in for round 7 and could really use some more votes if you doggies dont mind. Thanks to everyone that voted for me last time. We got 6 more inches of snow on sunday. My parents say this is the worst winter they have seen in many years, I say its not bad at all. More snow for me to dive in to.
I did a really bad thing today and ate a whole box of chocolate valentine candy, It was delicious but now I am horkaing all over. Well worth it to me.
Gotta run, Sooky

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Heres the pictures of our Snow

Haroo everypup and girl girl,
Here are the pictures of our bewootiful snow, 14 lovely inches of snow. As you can see I like to take all of my toys outside, They were buried under the snow but I found them and pulled them all out.
Once in a while I will bring some of them back in the house but then take them back out.
Thanks to everyone who has voted for me in the bissell contest. I will let you know if we win.
Hope all you pups have snow to play in and if you don't I will be happy to share some of mine.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Guess it's been a while

Haroo Everypup and girl girl,
I didnt realize it had been so long since I posted anything. We got 14 inches of bewootiful snow today. I just love playing in the snow. As soon as my Mom gets back from California I will have her take some pictures.

If you all dont mind I am in a photo contest and could sure use your votes

My mom and dad could really use that vacuum with me around.

I will get some pics up on saturday,